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Chapter Volunteer Opportunities


We have space on Oregon ACP committees to welcome new members. If you would like to volunteer to serve on a committee, council, or work group, please let us know! The volunteer form can be found here: 

We will consider all candidates and especially encourage the nominations of ACP members who bring diversity of perspective. We are seeking representation from internists outside the Portland area, among our international and foreign medical graduates, from groups underrepresented in medicine, and from those in all kinds of internal medicine practices. Students and residents are welcomed. 

Below are the committees with openings for new members. The time commitment is variable; please reach out with any questions. 

Chapter Meeting Committee 

(Co-chairs, Drs. Irene Foley, Laura Loertscher)   

This committee is responsible for the planning and completion of the annual chapter meeting, an opportunity to enhance learning and community within our organization. 

Members will join a diverse group of planners, who are invested in medical education and the benefits of coming together.  Participants are invited to review meeting evaluations and the learning needs of their own community to inform the format, speakers, and content for our annual chapter meeting.  Members should be enthusiastic liaisons who bring new perspectives and involvement from across Oregon ACP. (Approximately 2 virtual planning meetings in the early winter with additional input over email. Attendance at the Oregon ACP Chapter Meeting is highly encouraged.) 

Awards Committee 

(Chair, Dr. Anne Hirsch) 

This committee focuses on recognition of excellence in the practice of medicine, service to our communities, and demonstrated leadership. 

Members will solicit nominations for state and national ACP awards, review candidates for recognition, and present awards at an annual Awards meeting. (2-4 meetings/year. Attendance at the Chapter Annual Meeting and the Awards Luncheon is encouraged.) 

DEI and Membership Committee 

(Co-chairs, Drs. Melinda Muller and Augustine Okeke) 

This committee is focused on expansion of membership and diversity by developing initiatives that share the benefits of ACP membership with Oregon’s diverse internal medicine community. 

Members will help strategize outreach, learn about and participate in advertising the benefits of ACP membership, and advance their own knowledge on historical inequities and challenges in the practice of internal medicine to further the Chapter’s efforts to be antiracist and inclusive. (Monthly meetings.) 

Finance Committee

(Chair and Treasurer Dr. Sarah Rahkola)

This committee is responsible for general oversight of chapter finances including budgeting, spending, fundraising, and investments. Members will join a well-supported committee that provides general direction and feedback regarding the financial management of the chapter. Participants should expect to meet virtually 2-4 times per year to provide review and oversight of financial controls/policies, approve the final draft of the annual chapter budget, as well as contribute ideas and vision for future fundraising and investment strategies. Attendance at the annual chapter meeting is strongly encouraged. 

Council of Women in Medicine 

(Co-chairs, Drs. Angelina Platas and Anne Weinsoft) 

This council provides opportunities for female-identifying physicians to network and to learn from and sponsor each other. 

Members will support the direction of the council co-chairs, identifying activities that create community, shared experiences, awareness of the challenges women internists face in their professional lives, and a forum to advocate for change when it is needed. (Meeting frequency ad hoc.) 

Council of Early Career Physicians (CECP)  

(Chair, Dr. Philippe Champagne) 

This council provides opportunities for early career physicians to network, to develop community, and to learn from and sponsor each other. 

Early career encompasses the first 16 years after completing training and includes some of the most challenging years for physicians – a time when physicians are establishing career, while also frequently navigating family life, transitions to a new home and community, and varying financial concerns. CECP members will support the direction of the council co-chairs and help identify activities that address the specific concerns of this ACP demographic. (Meeting frequency ad hoc.) 

Council of Residents and Fellows (CORF)  

(Co-chairs, Drs. Anjali Das, Sonam Kiwalkar, and Rasha Nakleh) 

This council aims to enhance the quality of internal medicine postgraduate training and strengthen membership and connection amongst resident and fellow members. 

Council activities align with the college’s priority themes. Members will monitor and advocate for the needs of the resident and fellow workforce, support chapter efforts to engage membership in this demographic, and assist in coordination of key events such as the chapter’s annual Doctor’s Dilemma competition and presentation of scholarly works at the state meeting. The Council includes representation from all the internal medicine residency programs affiliated with the Oregon Chapter. (Meeting frequency ad hoc.) 

Wellness Committee 

(Co-chairs, Drs. Mary Gearn, Fareha Nawaz) 

This committee is focused on improving the well-being of general internal medicine physicians and subspecialists in our community and providing skills and knowledge for physicians to take control of the factors impacting their professional lives. 

Members will monitor the needs of our physician community, provide information and skills training on how to advocate effectively for change in the practice environment, support communication to our Oregon ACP community about ways to improve well-being within our profession, and offer networking opportunities for those with an interest in wellness work. (Monthly meetings.) 

Health and Public Policy Committee 

(Co-Chairs: Drs. Joel Burnett, R. Logan Jones, Kelsi Manley)  

This committee is focused on health and public policy and advocacy on behalf of our patients, communities, and profession.  

Members will help develop policy priorities for the chapter, contribute to physician advocacy initiatives, and engage with state and federal legislative endeavors to advance the priorities of the chapter and the College. This committee plans and leads an annual Advocacy Day in Salem, Oregon, and supports a delegation of Oregon students, residents, and physicians who travel to Washington D.C. for ACP’s Leadership Day. Members of this committee have support and guidance in their work writing resolutions to shape ACP policy, providing testimony on legislation, writing op-eds, developing policy briefings, and sharing “Action Alerts” with Oregon ACP members. (Meetings ad hoc virtually. Attendance at Advocacy Day in Salem is highly encouraged.)