Awards Program

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To honor those Fellows and Master of the College who have demonstrated, by their example and conduct, an abiding commitment to excellence in medical care, education, research, and service to their community, their chapter, and the ACP.  Nominees must have been a Fellow or Master for at least 15-20 years.   Nominees must have a long history of excellence and peer approval in the specialty of internal medicine.   Nominees must have served their chapter & community with distinction or in some clearly definable manner.


2002:               John A. Benson, Jr., MD, MACP

2003:             Huldrick Kammer, MD, FACP       (deceased)

2004:               Walter J. McDonald, MD, MACP

2005:               Emil J. Bardana, Jr., MD, FACP

2006:               James B. Reuler, MD, MACP

2007:               Stephen R. Jones, MD, MACP

2008:               Thomas G. Cooney, MD, FACP

2009:               Charles E. Hofmann, MD, MACP

2010:               Curtis R. Holzgang, MD, FACP

2011:               Arthur D. Hayward, MD, FACP

2012:               Donald E. Girard, MD, MACP

2013:               Robert Gluckman, MD, FACP

2014:               Linda Humphrey, MD, MACP

2015:               Sima Desai, MD, FACP

2016:               Richard Wernick, MD, FACP  (deceased)

2017:               Mark Rosenberg, MD, FACP

2018:               James Gajewski, MD, MACP

2019:               Claudia Leonard, MD, FACP

2021:               Greg Magarian, MD, FACP (deceased)  &  David Nardone, MD, FACP

2022:               David Gilbert, MD, MACP

2023:               Marianne Parshley, MD, FACP




1983    John Benson, MD, MACP

2000    Kenneth Shine, MD, MACP

2004    James Reuler, MD, MACP

2004    Dennis Schaberg, MD, MACP

2005    Drummond Rennie, MD, MACP

2009    Donald Girard, MD, MACP

2010    Grover Bagby, MD, MACP

2010    Thomas Cooney, MD, MACP

2011    Sharon Anderson, MD, MACP

2011    George Porter, MD, MACP (deceased)

2012    Emil Bardana, MD, MACP

2012    Curtis Holzgang, MD, MACP

2013    Richard Bryant, MD, MACP

2014    Thomas DeLoughery, MD, MACP

2014    Linda Humphrey, MD, MACP

2015    Lynn Bentson, MD, MACP

2015    James Gajewski, MD, MACP

2017    Elizabeth Eckstrom, MD, MACP

2021    Sima Desai, MD, MACP

2023    David Gilbert, MD, MACP

2023    Marian O. Hodges, MD, MACP



Established in 1983 by the Oregon Chapter ACP, this award honors outstanding achievement in teaching by a physician.  The award honors Dr. Lewis, a Governor of Oregon; Regent and President of the College 1959-1960; Chairman of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, who died in 1985.

Can be a non-ACP member.


1983:               Howard P. Lewis, MD, MACP            (deceased-1985)       

1984:               Huldrick Kammer, MD, FACP            (deceased)

1985:               J. David Bristow, MD, FACP              (deceased)

1986:               Herbert Griswold, MD, FACP             (deceased)

1987:               Walter J. McDonald, MD, FACP

1988:               Robert Kimbrough III, MD, FACP       (deceased)

1989:               David N. Gilbert, MD, FACP

1990:               John H. McAnulty, MD

1991:               John A. Benson, Jr., MD, MACP

1992:               Curtis R. Holzgang, MD, FACP

1993:               Scott E. Goodnight, MD, FACP

1994:               Charles E. Hofmann, MD, FACP

1995:               John R. Walsh, MD, FACP

1996:               Donald E. Olson, MD, FACP

1997:               Stephen R. Jones, MD, FACP

1998:               D. Lynn Loriaux, MD, Ph.D. FACP

1999:               Thomas G. Cooney, MD, FACP

2000:               Kenneth E. Melvin, MD, FACP

2001:               Keith W. Harless, MD, FACP

2002:               Bruce C. Anderson, MD

2003:               Stephen M. Campbell, MD

2004:               Michael R. McClung, MD, FACP

2005:               Thomas G. DeLoughery, MD, FACP

2006:               Edward Murphy, MD

2007:               Mark R. Rosenberg, MD

2008:               Sharon Anderson, MD, FACP

2009:               Alan Hunter, MD, FACP

2010:               George Feldman, MD, FACP

2011:               Richard Wernick, MD, FACP              (deceased)

2012:               Daniel Gilden, MD, FACP

2013:               Paul Sehdev, MD, FACP

2014:               Gregory Magarian, MD, FACP           (deceased)

2015:               Claudia Leonard, MD, FACP

2016:               Imran Mohamady, MD, FACP

2017:               Peter Sullivan, MD, FACP

2018:               Kevin Breger, MD, PhD

2019:               Lisa Miura, MD, FACP

2021:               Mythilli Ransdell, MD, FACP  &  Anne Sammis, MD, FACP

2022:               Ted Huang, MD

2023:              Gordon Johnson, MD




Established in 1983 by the Oregon Chapter ACP, this award honors outstanding community service by a physician.  The award honors Dr. Lewis, a Governor of Oregon; Regent and President of the College 1959-1960; Chairman of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University, who died in 1985.

Can be a non-ACP member.


1983:               John A. Benson, Jr., MD, MACP

1984:               Donald E. Olson, MD, FACP

1985:               Emil J. Bardana, MD, FACP

1986:               Hugh Johnston, MD, FACP

1987:               George Long, MD, FACP

1988:               William Drips, MD, FACP

1989:               William B. Bennett, MD, FACP

1990:               James V. Walker, MD, FACP

1991:               George A. Porter, MD, FACP                         (deceased)

1992:               No Award

1993:               Julian S. Reinschmidt, MD

1994:               Kathleen Weaver, MD, FACP

1995:               Peter O. Kohler, MD, FACP

1996:               US Senator Mark O. Hatfield

1997:               Donald E. Girard, MD, FACP

1998:               Andrea M. Kielich, MD, FACP

1999:               Robert A. Gluckman, MD, FACP

2000:               Patrick M. Dunn, MD, FACP

2001:               Frank J. Baumeister, MD

2002:               Martin L. Jones, MD, FACP

2003:               James B. Reuler, MD, FACP

2004:               John J. Ulwelling                                            (deceased)

2005:               Mary A. Olhausen

2006:               Daniel C. Gilden, MD

2007:               James R. Patterson, MD

2008:               Robert Gibson, MD

2009:               William “Bud” Pierce, MD, FACP

2010:               Sally Williams, MD

2011:               John Allcott, MD

2012:               David Nardone, MD, FACP

2013:               Maureen Wright, MD

2014:               Lynn Bentson, MD, FACP

2015:               Marianne Parshley, FACP

2016:               Jack McAnulty, MD

2017:               Leonard Mankin, MD, FACP

2018:               Mikeanne Minter, MD, FACP

2019:               Smitha Chadaga, MD, FACP

2021:               Elizabeth Sazie, MD, FACP  &  Alicia Hidalgo, MD

2022:               Annie Weinsoft, MD, FACP

2023:              John Santa, MD, MPH

2023:              Jennifer Letourneau, DO



An Early Career Physician with exemplary patient care and outstanding leadership in the College and community.  The Oregon Outstanding Early Career Physician Award was established in 2008 and recognizes a physician for outstanding contributions in internal medicine.  The award is given to an outstanding early career physician in internal medicine.  The physician must be a clinician who is highly respected by his or her peers and colleagues for his/her outstanding clinical skills and who has been a role model in the community.  This individual should have distinguished himself or herself in service to patients, the physician community and the community at large.  This physician should be an educator to his patients or the community at large.  An early career physician is someone who is within 16 years of graduating medical school.  Supporting letters for the candidate may include letters from colleagues or patients.


2009:               Basil Pittenger, MD, FACP

2010:               Melinda Muller, MD, FACP

2011:               Stephanie Anderson, MD, FACP

2012:               Devan Kansagara, MD, FACP

2013:               Jenny Silberger, MD, FACP

2014:               Honora Englander, MD, FACP

2014:               Michelle Sanders, MD, FACP

2015:               Andre Mansoor, MD

2015:               Christina Bauman, MD

2016:               Avital O’Glasser, MD, FACP

2016:               Stephanie Halvorson, MD, FACP

2017:               Renee Dversdal, MD, FACP

2018:               Allison Abraham, DO

2018:               James Clements, MD, FACP

2019:               Elizabeth Estabrook, MD, MRCP, FHM

2021:               Adam Obley, MD, FACP  &  Katie Iossi, MD, FACP

2022:               Heather Fox, MD, FACP

2023:              Annie Weinsoft, MD, FACP

2023:              Emily Coombes, DO







Established: 2020-2021

For outstanding contributions to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the community. This award recognizes those who have fostered diversity and inclusion with outstanding achievements in mentoring, leadership development, and role modeling of physicians or students from diverse and/or underrepresented populations.  This award can be given to both ACP members and non-members.


2021:               James Reuler, MD, MACP

2022:               Trisha Chau, Medical Student   &  Emily Hitchcock, MD, FACP

2023:               Augustine O. Okeke, MD, MPH, FACP

2023:               Angelina Platas, MD, FACP